Out there in the dark, they move
between trees, shadowless
to get a count while we sleep—

all the natives, man and beast alike
making livings here before our time—
before we become one of them

to measure progress by. In dreams
they come and go, offer news
from the past, tempt us once more

to stay a course they could not endure.
With no grass to hide their track,
they rise to the surface of this bare dirt.

You can see everywhere they’ve been,
where hard times changed their minds.
We’re naked now, almost abandoned.

3 responses to “NAKED NOW

  1. Stacy Young-Mecham

    I am so sorry things are so dire there..Damn drought! Was looking forward to seeing you guys, but I know that duty calls..Haydens up South Fork are having a tough time, and I bet Tim and Maggie are getting was good to see Lee there at your branding!!!
    I wish you guys the best and just hope everyone gets through this… Wes’s 60 th b-day next summer, I am planning a pack trip with Maggie..I will try and stop by and show him where you live.!
    Till then..I’ll keep praying for rain!


    • Thanks, Stacy. Pretty sad poem to comment on, but glad you’re checkin’-in. Lee’s been helping with the feeding, see T & M when one of them picks up Wade – and all that’s been great. Sorry to miss you @ Elko this year, but let’s work towards hooking-up before or after your pack trip, maybe in Cedar Grove. Meanwhile, this country, this Valley, this State could use some good rains or California will be the new Dust Bowl.


  2. Hey Stacy, good to hear from you. We’ll miss seeing you guys as well.
    Everyone is doing the best they can to hang-on while we wait for rain. We are so happy to have Lee helping us, and I think she was happy to be doing something other than feeding hay. Please do stop by on your way up to Cedar Grove, (it’s not like we’re out of the way). Thanks for the good thoughts……..Have some fun for us at the gathering 🙂


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