Remember when it used to rain
for days, too wet to plow
or leave the asphalt? In 1983,

every rig around was stuck
in the yard: one horse truck,
two fuel trucks, three tow trucks

and a dozer making chocolate
soup of the driveway, neighbors
huddled in the dark rain,

commiserating. The creek
will rise again and again,
spill its banks, cut new channels

to old sycamores and oaks
waiting centuries for a good drink.
Remember when we cried

with glee waiting for a raft
of leaves pushed down its dry,
cobbled bed, raindrops streaming

our faces, holding hands
in ecstasy? Remember when
we believed in miracles?

2 responses to “MIRACLES

  1. We must continue to believe in those miracles!! It is the hope of them that keeps the “unseen” alive when the “seen” is dreary.


    • Thanks, Sally. If ever there were a year where anything could happen with the weather, this has been the one! In perhaps the warmest December I can remember, we have a little green on the north slopes, drawing on the 0.40″ we got at the first of the month, germinated by the same amount in late November, that pulls most of the cows and calves up the hill between feedings. With only an inch of rain this season, that in itself is a miracle!


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