Ritual in Arizona
emailed from Nevada
that brought rain.

I’ve put the call out
to the kids on the coast—
my Christmas list

for a little or a lot
of ocean water
to share in sacred places.

Already, the wind
kicks up. It is the drops
and ceremony that count.

                                          for Meg

4 responses to “DRY WEST

  1. There’s no telling what collective energy can do! Just posted Husbandry on the WFC facebook page and tweeted the link. Let’s all ask for rain in one big cosmic request. Wish I could send some of our moisture to you. The Gallatin River actually flooded my pasture last week because of an ice jam! Thinking of you and Robbin.


    • Thanks, Darcy. Windy this morning early and the leaves rolling across the yard sounded like rain. Had to check the windshields to see it was just wishful thinking, or a helluva lot of wanting.


  2. Thanks, John. I hope those kids on the coast, or Santa, pull through for you. Love to you and Robbin as Winter Solstice brings us a little bit more light in our lives.


  3. Hey John and Robbin — thinking of you and sending best wishes and rain clouds your way — well, snow clouds that will turn to rain once they get to you. Dave and I will be on Vancouver Island for Christmas and will give you a call over the holidays. Need to get you up here for some of that Canadian attitude! Love and smooches to you both,
    Denise and Dave


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