Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


3 responses to “Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Great photo! And a happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thanks for all the great poems and photos. I sure hope you guys are getting some rain.


  2. Thanks, Kim, one of the toms that came visiting last Easter. You wouldn’t recognize this country: bare dirt everywhere you look. Enough rain a week ago to germinate the grass seed, but little protection for the cotyledons with no dry feed and cold, dry weather in the forecast. The immediate future for the grass looks bleak without some rain and warm weather. A lot like ’76-’77, I’m afraid. Hay enough in the barns to get us to, maybe through, January. But we keep grinning and feeding just like we had a brain.


  3. Laurie Schwaller


    What a shot!

    If only we’d get some real rain, our Thanksgiving wishes would come true.


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