No dark clouds,
no silver linings
through Halloween,

each weatherman grins
with his gift
of clear skies

for the next two weeks
while the pickup groans
and haystacks shrink.

We plod like cows
inhaling dust clouds
to strings of hay,

make mental sorts
who goes to town.
Grounded now, we

pray in short-breaths
rather than cuss the gods
that own us.

3 responses to “DOWN TO THE DIRT

  1. I can hit the ‘like’ button, but I don’t like what you so eloquently describe. Doing a tropical rain dance for you over here…


  2. Thanks, Jess. Getting hard to keep a smile on our faces, but these dry times are just part of the business. The local weathermen from town love to bring us these cloudless skies, forgetting, of course, their own shortage of water. Another example of the growing chasm between the natural world and town. Please put a little urgency in your dance steps. Love, J & R


  3. So true – I want to hit the weatherman when he is so happy to report on another beautiful day.


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