Great hatch of birds, wild
turkey hens at dawn move upon
the short dry feed inside the wire,
quail coveys grown and begun again
cross the road, herons and egrets
occupy the sandy flats along the creek,
stand like sentries, claim their space.

Cherries, early peaches and apricots
gone before ripe, before filling
with colored juices—not one escaped.
This younger generation prefers
dry bitter flesh. Season opens with
a pellet gun feeding cats, kittens
playing with the wings of woodpeckers.

2 responses to “RECLAIMING SPACE

  1. Looks like some aloha-wear to me…:) Hawaii is with you.


  2. Laurie Schwaller

    Yup, they got all of our fruit, too.

    I suppose we’re privileged to be able to feed them, considering all the enjoyment those birds give us, but I think I would have starved to death as a homesteader.

    Hope this perfect weather lasts awhile.



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