JRD Bertson 702-558

JRD Bertson 702-558

Remnant of our foray into raising registered Herefords, this son of MWH Miss Advance 558 has been with us since September 3, 2007, garnering limited duty until this past year. He has, however, been the subject of many funny incidents repeated in stories from us all. Slow to grow because we didn’t push him, and not quite the quality of our purchased Hereford bulls, he was a coming three year-old before we used him, and then sparingly. Year before last, we gave him work with our late calving cows segregated along the creek. Each time we added a little bunch, he was there to meet the gooseneck, on the run at the rattle, even if we were hauling horses. We failed to tip and train his horns down when he was young, hence his nickname: boss of all the bulls, going wherever he wanted.

2 responses to “‘Pokey’

  1. Dagny Corcoran

    This story reminds me of my Mr Major and his broken balls. Do you still have any offspring from BMR? I think about you and Robbin all the time now with your journal posts X

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  2. Yes, Dagny, what we have left of your Brangus cows are third and fourth generations watered-down with Angus and Hereford, gentle, big-framed cows with more body and breadth. Good, glad to have you on board to wherever we go. xxooxxoo!


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