Dry Creek Road: Double-Yellow Line


Imagine my surprise when Robbin reported a new double-yellow line on Dry Creek Road to match the ‘No Parking’ signs we were greeted with when we returned from Elko at the first of February.


We can’t help but feel a little violated as progress pushes up the road and past our driveway. But nothing like new paint to be misleading, especially for tourists and strangers to the area. Due to the ongoing and endless road construction on Highway 198 to Sequoia National Park, motorhome and fifth-wheel traffic is required to take alternate routes, one of which is Dry Creek Road. Last evening, we had to drive up the road just to see how far the County thought our road was wide enough to handle two lanes of traffic. After some intermittent spaces with no line at all, it came to a stop at the narrow bridge on Bear Creek, about a third of the way to Grant Grove and the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park. We noticed that both ground squirrels and quail were afraid to walk across the new yellow line. We’ve never had to drive cattle across a road with a double-yellow line before, we’ll see how that goes.

6 responses to “Dry Creek Road: Double-Yellow Line

  1. Just send the truck ahead with the hay-you’ll be fine!!!


  2. Laurie Schwaller

    Message to cows: No passing!

    Fascinating that the lines affected the movement of quail and squirrels. Wet paint? The smell? The color? Just the visual difference in the familiar surface of the road?


  3. The old standards are to shovel dirt or scatter hay, but it may take a carpet of both. It seems so foreign, so strange, especially to the other natives, enough to turn the squirrels around, away from the long yellow snake. The quail just backed up and flew over.


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  5. Today, Day 3, the ground squirrels take a run, stop and jump over the double-yellow line. Also a few more casualties, it seems.


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