Wally’s World

 Elko, 2009, by Jeri L. Dobrowski

© 2009 Jeri L. Dobrowski



Please take a moment to read about this battle brewing in southeastern Montana.



LA Times: ‘In Montana, ranchers line up against coal’





Remember that sandrock on Emmells Crick
Where dad carved his name in ‘thirteen?
It’s been blasted down into rubble
And interred with their dragline machine.
Where Fadhis lived, at the old Milar place,
Where us kids stole melons at night?
The’d ‘dozed it up in a funeral pyre
Then torched it. It’s gone alright.
The “C” on the hill, and the water tanks
Are now classified “reclaimed land.”
They’re thinking of building a golf course
Out there, so I understand.
The old Egan homestead’s an ash pond
That they say is eighty feet deep.
The branding corral at the Douglas camp
Is underneath a spoil heap.
And across the crick is a tipple, now,
Where they load coal onto a train.
The Mae West Rock on Hay Coulee?
Just black-and-white snapshots remain.
There’s a railroad loop and a coal storage shed
Where the bison kill site used to be.
The Guy place is gone, Ambrose’s too.
Beulah Farley’s a ranch refugee.

But things are booming. We’ve got this new school
That’s envied across the whole state.
When folks up and ask, “How’s things goin’ down there?”
I grin like a fool and say, “Great!”
Great God, how we’re doin’! We’re rollin’ in dough,
As they tear and they ravage The Earth.
And nobody knows…or nobody cares…
About things of intrinsic worth.

By Wallace McRae

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