Turkey Vultures

March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013

4 responses to “Turkey Vultures

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Hi John – Too bad your vultures aren’t in an Oak tree. Here is my poem that would fit that:


    Stark, grey, lightning blasted
    The old oak stands
    On a hill above the canyon
    A seat for vultures

    The vultures, with wings
    Spread wide to the rising sun
    Sit, black robed
    In judgement of the day


  2. Well, John and Robbin, thanks for posting the lovely turkey vultures photo on April 20, which is not only my birthday but the 16th anniversary since the surprise nuptials of Mistah Wickie and myself (I was the one surprised – I guess that makes him the surprisER and me the surprisEE, ha ha!) Anyway, the photo is somehow appropriate. Yes, here we sit in Turner Valley, surrounded by a fresh coat of snow, in judgement of the day (not happy about the weather and the winter in general) as the emerging tulips shiver and try not to freeze their petals off. In retrospect, we are happy to be safe, warm and alive here in the somewhat remote frozen North. We are often happy to be remote, especially lately. Miss you guys. Love all of your blogs, poems and photos.
    Avec amour,
    The Lovely Denise
    PS Nice poem, Lenore B, and thanks for the “In judgement of the day” line.


  3. A belated “Happy Birthday Denise’ and ‘Happy Anniversary!!’ you two. Just back from OK City. And thanks Lenore, they’ve always seemed like deacons to me, or clergy for the dead.


  4. on the green grass
    there’s rocks
    the turkey vultures perch
    with feathers shining out

    -by Cutler


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