Pale Owl’s Clover

Pale Owl's Clover


For what it’s worth: there seems to be more Owl’s Clover than in recent years, preferring, apparently, hard, dry times and the beaten track. Most all of the clovers are strong feed and doing well, but the cattle seem to leave Owl’s Clover, as well as most wildflowers, alone.

One response to “Pale Owl’s Clover

  1. Laurie Schwaller

    Isn’t adaptivity amazing? A niche for everything, and something for every niche — and so often something beautiful and seemingly fragile and delicate, yet perhaps tough enough to have taken that spot for tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

    How far along is branding?

    Really hoping you might be able to carve out a few hours for Cutler Park before it gets hot and dusty.

    But you probably still have branding to do!

    Check out

    Thanks as always for the daily dose of nourishing words and photos.



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