Great Western Divide from Paregien Ranch

Great Western Divide from Paregien Ranch

How many photos, how reassured
they haven’t left for other states
of deployment? Alta’s elephant,

Sawtooth, the Kaweah peaks
under snow like sharp teeth
tearing into the blue, always

a hold of heaven. Not far
in bird miles, I check my bearings,
my well-being, my insignificance

to become comforted, somehow,
with this affirmation, this renewal
of facts. Not the same as being

held in the land of awe, I look to
the Great Western Divide
for security—to inhale and breathe

easier knowing they always
have my back, that we both
are still in the same place.

One response to “SIERRA BACKBONE

  1. Laurie Schwaller

    I will lift up my eyes unto the hills . . .


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