Squirrel & Hawk

Some clarity is lost in the gallery format. I encourage selecting the full-size option at the bottom right of the gallery frame for a larger, sharper view. In my tunnel vision I missed the second hawk, but you get the picture.

3 responses to “Squirrel & Hawk

  1. Very cool pics John. Lucky you. Is it a rough-legged hawk?


  2. Great photos and beautiful hawk. Love the defensive stance.


  3. I think it’s a juvenile Red Tail, Heather, shot from my office door. 125+ photos over an hour’s time as Robbin watched through the window. He was far more concerned with losing his squirrel to other hawks than being hungry, quite patient, we both thought. Lots of expression and body language, not bothered by me, but curious about the sound of the camera. They know us, get used to us and the dozen first-calf heifers and calves that passed between us during that time. Learning as I go, just starting to use my 2X extender with the 70-200 mm f 1:2.8 lens. Cropped about 35%. Impressed with the clarity outside the WordPress gallery format… lots lost there.


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