Not much different than cows
who think they pick their way
grazing where they want, we

welcome the visiting gods
with wagon loads of plans
to improve our farm ground,

shopping centers in alfalfa fields,
foothill cities where only leftovers
trickle down. We surrender

to the hard and lean times,
let them have their way
like the natives before us.



The long-awaited General Plan Update 2:00 p.m. today,
Tulare County Board of Supervisors.


5 responses to “LOSING GROUND

  1. (Good luck, internetpoetfriend.)


  2. Ah, yes… REALITY!


  3. +++++++++++
    Shirley says she will enter it in the record.


  4. Jeez amigo,
    never give up, never surrender… besides, those shopping center guys have had their salad days, whether they know it yet or not!


  5. Laurie Schwaller

    Thanks for this one, John.

    Wonder how many natives are going to be able to come after us.

    It’s not looking too good right now!

    Glad we weren’t born any later than we were.

    The trouble with “trickle down” is that it usually doesn’t.

    But maybe there will be a way yet somehow to put that wagon on a better track, with better contents.


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