Robbin and I got out early yesterday to check our 1st-calf heifers on both sides of the road: four calves on each side with quite a few heifers close-up. Then moved the water on the pasture before putting-out some molasses tubs on the way up to Greasy. We were delighted to see this little bunch of turkeys—the same bunch of hens banded together with their offspring that we saw while gathering and weaning last June. They made it!

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  1. Laurie Schwaller

    Great shot. Now, if you haven’t seen “My Life as a Turkey,” you MUST rent it (I think it’s a PBS Nature program). Or borrow it from John and Shirley; we gave it to them. Our South Fork wild turkey flock numbered close to 30 this spring, but appears to have declined a bit since then. Maybe because of the very big bobcat we saw along our south fence on Sunday morning.


  2. Heather Hafleigh

    There are about 30 right around the corner from my house! And a buck, doe, and 2 little ones….


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