Wagyu #2

#1094 – August 11, 2012

#1094 – August 11, 2012

5 responses to “Wagyu #2

  1. John Kirkpatrick

    Large cow – small calf


  2. Yeah, John, the Wagyu come pretty small most of the time, around 60 lbs. and fairly slow growers, especially in this heat. It takes a couple of weeks before I stop worrying about them, before they’re out ‘buckin’ ‘n runnin”. Then there’s always the one or two that come a little larger for these coming two year-old heifers, or a breech, or something always, like calf-pullers, to get us excited. In the end, they ship a couple of months earlier, right off the cow, where as we get a 45-day wean on our English calves, about 150-200 lbs. difference, half of which can be attributed to these young, first-calf heifers. We breed more yearling heifers to the Wagyu bulls than we’ll need for replacements, knowing that not all will stick in the three months they’re out. We clean up with the Angus bulls, catching another 20%. We don’t like preg-checking, so we end up with 15-20% the spring weighing 1,000 lbs. or more, 75% of which are bred 3 year-olds, to sell or not. The Wagyu bulls have become a big part of our selection process.


  3. John Kirkpatrick

    Thanks for the summary. There was a recent article (can’t remember where) that made to case for breeding yearling heifers – more calves per cow, longer breeding life. ‘Of course you know all about that – it appears that ‘s your program.


  4. I see several articles regarding replacement heifers in July’s ‘Progressive Cattleman’.


  5. Wonderful photos. Baby calves are the cutest!


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