First Wagyu Calf 2012

#1192 – August 9, 2012

Having just opened the gates last week to let our two bunches of first-calf heifers off the hills into the pasture along the creek and the other around our house, I found this fresh calf, less than an hour old, this morning. As part of our Age and Source Verification program with Snake River Farms, this journal serves to record when the first Wagyu calf is born. We put the Wagyu bulls out November 14, 2011. With over 100 to check regularly, we have at least a half-dozen either side of the road that look to calve within the week. But with first-calf heifers, you never really know for sure, some can look close-up for a month. Here we go!

#1192 – August 9, 2012

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