Beginning on the 31st of May, we’re gathering our last big bunch of calves in Greasy to wean today. As part of their preconditioning, we try to keep a few bites of alfalfa in front of the weaned calves as they acclimate to the irrigated pasture, for a little roughage and to check them daily. These steers will make up a load to be offered for sale on the Internet weighing 750-800 lbs. to be delivered in July.

Meanwhile, another bunch of steers and heifers is on its third day without mama, more curious about this ‘brave new world’ outside the pen than hungry. We’ll probably sort and turn them out on Sunday. Sprinklers run for a couple of hours daily to control the dust while I feed and irrigate.

Forecast cooler into the weekend.

2 responses to “Weaning

  1. Looks like a good crop from my side of the fence. Love, Linda


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