Cattle on Pasture

It’s getting a little crowded around the corrals since we weaned and shipped the Wagyu calves last week, waiting to palpate their mothers, yesterday. Considering our dry December and January when we turned-out the bulls, we had a great preg-check with only 2 out of 77 open, leaving us 75 to incorporate into the cowherd. With no place to go with them until we start gathering, weaning and culling the older cows, Robbin and I need to decide where to start the weaning process that will keep us busy for next 3 for 4 weeks, while hauling the 2nd-calf heifers up the hill and calves and cull cows down.

The first-calf heifers above, bred to the Wagyu, have been helping me irrigate the pasture. They also need to be sorted from the second-string bunch of older cows and late calvers with whom they been running, then driven up the creek to the pastures around the house where they’ll calve.

And we’re not getting started too soon! The weather has been cool for the past few days, forecast into the low-70s today, chance of thunder, lightening, etc., that we really don’t need, before it warms up after Memorial Day weekend. Lots of early mornings, we’ll have to pace ourselves. Here we go!

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