The real news comes to us without asking:

                    down the creek, an upstream rain
                    or cap of snow on cabs of cars
                    late to work, or moon dog rings
                    in puddled stars, or sirens come
                    and coyotes howl before
                    Valero’s tow truck—ever busy
                    on the narrow weekend road uphill.

Trailered 4 x 4s and crumpled wrecks
come down mountains of muddy fun
or quick retreats up with their God,
or both:

                    where clean air and pines
                    collide with jobs
                    for the damage to repair.

We know the road and the time it takes,
offer details to one another, write the story
as they limp by to share next morning,
collaborating like we’ve always done

                    along a road
                    of neighbors

2 responses to “GOSSIP

  1. I like this rhythm. Seems you may be amongst some poets with all kinds of new sounds and canters…:)


  2. I enjoy how a fresh content is present each and every day. I enjoy the background colors, anyone can read all easily. I enjoy the photos utilized on the blog articles, very nice. Regards, ATOZPress


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