In December’s amber light, the sun
stares beneath the limbs of trees aflame
again. And from long, crisp shadows,

a few wild gods dance with winter’s chill.
No call for calendars when every canyon
rings with the bellows of bulls looking

for work, or a fight, reducing fences to
barbed wire nightmares, splintered posts
with long excavations either side of tangles.

During nights of no moon, the big talk fires
testosterone and fence repair, purpose here
as the sweet fragrance of cows fills the air.

2 responses to “LOOKING FOR WORK

  1. This is good! LOL! I laugh only because I don’t have to fix the fences!


  2. Totsie,

    Apparently most of our neighbors we’re also collecting bulls and fixing fence over the weekend. Typically, we put our bulls out with the cows on Dec 1st , by the calendar. Not unusual for a bull or two to try to put themselves out, but this year’s sudden rush of cycling in every pasture had me researching the phases of the moon. Saturday’s new moon rose around 9:00 a.m. and set around 7:30 p.m., depending on ridgelines. In other words: no moon visible.

    Rather than fight Nature and fix more fence, hauling bulls to their respective pastures was our priority yesterday. Glad that’s done. Let the games begin!


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