Blond on Black

We have about 20 x-bred Wagyu calves on the ground, most born in the past week. For whatever reasons, the first calf born on the 5th didn’t make it, a bit of a premie perhaps, or a single mom with no maternal group support, or perhaps it succumbed to the coyotes that have been skulking every fresh birthing place. Showing their nervousness, some of the heifers have chosen the canyons and draws away from the bunch to have their calves, and are fairly easy to read when a coyote’s nearby, oftentimes standing over their calf asleep between their legs. For 1st calf heifers, their instincts are admirable and amazing. I just can’t imagine a better mother than a cow.

3 responses to “Babysitter

  1. I love this! I have tried to tell non-ranching folks about cows baby sitting and they look at you like you’ve lost your mind! This picture is wonderful. I truly enjoy my subscription to your blog! Love to get your posts. Great writing!
    Totsie Slover


  2. Pretty fast on the draw, Totsie, I was still editing when you posted. Thanks. It’s that time of year for us as the calves come, always remarkable and humbling to be surrounded by so much motherhood. My father often said that if humans could cooperate as well as cows relieve one another with babysitting duties, there’d be damn few problems in the world. But I’m guessing we’re too smart for that.


  3. Brown there, now. Green here.


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