I didn’t know that most people
                                didn’t think visually.

                                                -Temple Grandin

O’ sweet the dreams like clear water
tumbled over fractured rock, mossed
and smoothed, worn through pines

and oaks to spread and disappear
before the dawn, before the day
demands we pray for more.

One must see these streams
of thought, go there, and listen, watch
them pool and find ways through

the timbered granite to meander
open meadows, deer and horses
grazing – walk along tall grassy

banks as dark green shapes of trout
feed and dart upstream – awake within
where dreams and rivers both begin.

One response to “STREAMS OF THOUGHT

  1. Laurie Schwaller

    You’ve done it again, John! “Awake within where dreams and rivers both begin!” Another stroke of lightning illuminates our mental landscapes, throwing thoughts that were only dimly perceived into sudden, sharp relief. Hope you’re still writing when you’re 100.


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