Empty Winecups

Winecups (Farewell to Spring), Dry Creek, 5.16.11

3 responses to “Empty Winecups

  1. Laurie Schwaller

    Great shot! They are blooming more profusely along South Fork right now than I have seen them in over 20 years, with a preponderance of deeply purple ones. Their beauty brings joy, intensified because it is fleeting, fleeting because these delicate flowers announce that the heavy heat will soon follow them over the hillsides and be with us for the next four months.


    • Interesting year for wildflowers, sparse with good quality feed so thick that most have been choked out except the Winecups, apparently – purple slopes reminding, yes, that summer heat is just around the corner. Good year for Clarkia, as well – I’ll get some pix up.


  2. So pretty. I always love seeing them.
    I miss riding the trails where I knew where they would smile at me.
    Yesterday my horse would have been 26.
    Happy Birthday Monte in horse heaven.


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