From Elko to Washington

‘Elko once again a factor in presidential election’

Elko Daily Free Press Opinion

One response to “From Elko to Washington

  1. This article summary is perfectly stated. It reminds me how we forget what this country was built on. A seed of an opportunity that allows us to become self-sufficient and give back to the people who helped us. Instead, these days the majority go for the glamour and leave the hard work for others. Which means things don’t get done. When you lose sight of who you are, you lose your focus and your future.

    I grew up as a first generation American from Italian immigrants. My parents kept our family traditions. But they always made sure that we grew up appreciating what America gave us and we gave our loyalty in return. Some of my best memories from childhood are of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. The Christmas we received “official” cowboys outfits (mine was a red shirt with white fringe, a matching skirt, black cowboys boots and hat) – was one of the best of my memories – right up there with getting my first watch and first folk guitar.

    I still wear a Resistol Hat – the Gambler. And I can only hope that the people in suits, ties and pearls remember that when things have gotten “complicated”, it’s time to get back to the basics.


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