Rain 9 Days Straight

With nine consecutive mornings of measurable rainfall since December 15th, we’ve accumulated 6.53” of rain to bring us to 11.47” thus far this season – more rain than entire 2006-07 season, and about an inch away from the totals for the 2007-08 & 2008-09 seasons. Hearsay has it his that we’ve broken all rainfall records for this time of year, going back to the 1955 Christmas flood that I remember vividly. Looks like a little sun and blue sky today, a chance for the hawks and the rest of us to get our feathers dry.

2 responses to “Rain 9 Days Straight

  1. Rain is a wonderful Godsend, especially for those of us who rely on it for the grass. However, when we get too many gloomy days I become like the “washy” grass it produces, weak and starved for sunshine.


  2. Though mostly up out of it, the fog tends to disorient and depress me a little when we get socked-in. I really can’t imagine living and working with it for weeks at a time in the Valley, cold and wet everyday. We just don’t go to town when it’s foggy, especially when we’re 10-20 degrees warmer in sunshine. But California needs every drop of rain to help recharge our falling watertable, with our growing population and deeper ag wells. Still waiting on the sun!


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