All’s Well on Dry Crik




Apparently I’m taking a break from daily blogging, and frankly, it feels good. We’re in maintenance mode, getting our equipment serviced and repaired before we begin weaning some nice calves this year. The market is off by a third from last year, nearly a dollar/pound, and we won’t have as many as calves to sell as before the drought, our cow herd down by 40%. We’ll see some red ink this season.

The good news is that we have lots of grass that ought to carry us through until fall. We also have some awfully nice replacement heifers that pre-checked well, bred to Wagyu bulls, as we begin our rebuilding process. At 18 months they averaged 1100 pounds, due to calve in mid-September.

More than likely posts will be sporadic for awhile.


9 responses to “All’s Well on Dry Crik

  1. I used to get your posts in my email every day. Haven’t been there for some time and I don’t know why. I have not changed by email address. Is the internet messing with me?

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    • CJ, you’re asking the wrong guy. When I sign up to follow a blog, I usually have a choice as to whether to be notified by email or have the blog show up in my WordPress reader. If you want email notification, just sign up to follow again.



    “the maintenance mode” – there is a Dofflemeyerism i have heard before. The maintenance mode should provide for recovery of the soul as well as lubing and fixing the equipment and fences. Evidently your drought sabbatical will provide for this well deserved change of weather and feed conditions. Enjoy!

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    • Yes, not near the pressure of the last few years and not near the work with less cattle. As we rebuild the cowherd will have an eye on a balance of how much work we want to do.


  3. Enjoy your break. We all need a blogging hiatus once in a while.

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    • The discipline of writing daily became a rewarding habit that has evolved to usually include a photograph. I feel my writing is in a rut and haven’t taken many photographs lately. It won’t be long and I’ll be back in the saddle again. I’m old enough that when I don’t post, distant friends think something might be wrong. Both Robbin and I are doing fine.

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  4. Glad to read that things, especially water things, are going well, John. Time off is good, even when we miss blogging. I have to admit that even when I take off, I schedule posts as I can’t seem to take a day away and break my over-four-year streak of daily blogs. 🙂 But when I’m on a trip, I cut back and enjoy the real world (and try to do that at home as well, of course.) We’ll be here.


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