BABY BLUE EYES Nemophila menziesii




My mother’s favorite, delicate and bold
among the grasses. Hard to come by
in these times, there is a place

among tall oaks where they thrive
that my father must have known,
that I visit every spring to see

they have survived, like innocence
untouched by humankind. She would ask
if I’d seen them, found them yet.


Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii
½-1½” diameter
4-12” height
March 14, 2016


5 responses to “BABY BLUE EYES Nemophila menziesii

  1. Understated, powerful. One of your best…

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  2. Dainty in the shade. Very pretty

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  3. I always think of her when I see that hue of blue. Love this piece.

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  4. Peter Notehelfer

    Most gracefully written . . . Honoring a mother & father still brings the promise of long life to the son!

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