Saddle at Six




Early morning gathers to wean our calves interrupt the blogging routine, along with age and rising temperatures as we acclimate towards summer. My son is down from the City, welcome and valuable help, good company and humor, we’ve kept him busy since Saturday. My head is full of unfinished poems, taking a backseat to the work at hand.


4 responses to “Saddle at Six

  1. Always there’s something at hand.
    Poems fly off like glowing sparks,
    and still the wheels keep turning.

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  2. I’d love to look into that backseat! Boxes of words piled up waiting to be opened, maybe the lid pushed open and a few escape. Looking forward to your down time.

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  3. Aloha and hugs to all, from us out here in the Pacific!

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  4. Wonderful. Enjoy your son. Take lots of pictures, for as time goes on they become more valuable. As long as you just post a hello, we’ll be get by.

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