Fresh Calf

September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012


We calve in the fall and brand in the spring. As newborns go, this calf is fresh, only minutes old and yet to stand and nurse. Robbin and I are off this morning to help our neighbors, Kenny and Virginia McKee, brand the last of their calves.


11 responses to “Fresh Calf

  1. Hope your morning goes well and the calves aren’t too fresh. 🙂 Love the photo.


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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Birthing, Branding, Dying – Sacred Times . . .

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    • Absolutely, Peter. The coming together of far-flung neighbors to get the work done is unique in these days and times. I’ve cherished nearly every branding for the calves, but especially for this amazing community we have been lucky enough to be a part all our lives. Got to go saddle my horse.

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  3. So sweet, a new life!


  4. Thanks for your help today. What a fun day- fun to work with neighbors.
    Did you see the four in the front we missed on your way out? Always
    leave some in the gathering field.


    • You’re very welcome, and yes we saw them. Yours is a big and tough gathering field no matter how much help you have. Thank you for a beautiful day of work and camaraderie.


  5. I love your interpretation of “fresh”! This is an amazing photo for a city girl like me!


    • Thank you, Tiare. It’s a reclaimed photo, one of many recording the labor and birth of this calf, the mother’s first. Unfortunately, I wan’t as familiar with my new camera as I thought I was, the whole series with way too much contrast. When we say ‘fresh’ around here, ‘calf’ is the first thing to come to mind. Thanks so much for your comment.


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