A Dozen Signs of Victoria




6 responses to “A Dozen Signs of Victoria

  1. Thanks for posting these, John – it was a nice reminder of my own very brief visit to Victoria a couple of months ago!

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  2. Enjoyed these photos, John. We had planned to spend time in Victoria this summer, but couldn’t find anyplace to park. It sure has changed since I was last there, in the 70s. This time, it took us almost an hour to get to our campground –12 miles away. Unbelievable traffic! What day(s) were you there? 🙂


    • We had a grand time in Victoria during the last week of July (check out our several posts in early August). Driving and parking were not a problem, we had David Wilke as our chauffeur.


  3. Yep, recognize the Empress from any Angle. Glad that you enjoyed your visit in this fair city.


    • There’s much to admire about Victoria, especially its pace, people and climate.


      • Luckily for most who come to visit it is between the winters rain – still warm but wet and grey for months:-( . But with spring starting in February each year it is easy to forget this.

        I am glad that you enjoyed your stay. We liked having you and all of the others!

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