The daughters and sons of bitches
know where I live, yip at my window—
feel my anger build long distance:

that red flush from the loins
warming the whole of me, the air
I breathe in a hundred degree canyon:

too far gone, gray necrotic hock
of a newborn shot, red dot
between its eyes. And I must go there

to get the job done. But I hate this part
of me, this part of our nature
where wars begin that never end.





First Wagyu X 2014




  1. Powerful piece. well done.

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  2. Extremely powerful writing on this one, John.

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    • No stranger to anger, I find it amazing, and a little scary, just how fast it rises to envelop me. The calf in the thumbnail was about 12 hours old, and now we know that the coyote had already chewed a hole in its abdomen along with half its hock. I never saw it standing at the time, nor the next day, and following the reasoning in the link, didn’t want to interfere with the bonding process and left the pair alone. Robbin and I found it three days later, still alive, but too far gone with dead flesh and infection to save it from prolonged suffering. And at $1,000 a pop seven months from now, shooting coyotes has become all business. Fortunately, we have a few more on the ground and the young heifers have begun to make up their nurseries.

      Too much time away from her calf, the mother will go town this spring, more social than maternal. So I’m angry with her as well. See how it builds?

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  3. There is an over population of coyotes and now mountain lions when they come into the city with no fear where they haven’t been for a hundred years. They were here 1st but not for years and is no excuse for the mauling, maiming and killing they do to people and pets. Control methods taken away by the unknowing that think they know it all. Save a coyote, starve a man. So much for God giving man dominion over animals. I know you are in a catch 22 by location but also know your methods have been limited and that you would much prefer to live and let live. So sorry. Hope you don’t lose any more.


  4. Oh John, I am so sorry, You are doing your best to care for your herd and your way of living…hugs.


  5. Powerful. It is a difficult part of the business. The agony that poor baby felt.


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