Kaweah Brodiaea 2014

Brodiaea Insignis - April 11, 2014

Brodiaea Insignis – April 11, 2014

With drought conditions, the rare and endangered Kaweah Brodiaea bloom is early and rather difficult to find this year. Go HERE for the history of the Kaweah Brodiaea on this ranch or follow the tags below.

7 responses to “Kaweah Brodiaea 2014

  1. Evelynne Matsumoto

    Thank you for your beautiful poetry, posts and photographs-the dreams about my childhood come to life again-Evelynne


    • I’m so glad, Evelynne. Saw the Japanese Wagyu video @ BBC, but failed to get back to you, all very interesting. Think of you often, and each time a post a few of the wildflowers that seem to thrive in the dry.


  2. Good you created a benchmark for bloom data. I wonder if there are any botany ph.d candidates looking for a thesis topic that would assist in your studies?


  3. Ah! Shiny crystals on purple velvet. 🙂 Elvis would of loved this.


  4. Laurie Schwaller

    Great photos, great observations, and a great project, John. It w/b interesting to learn what you find next year!


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