Breakfast on the Pasture


While changing my water on the irrigated pasture this morning, I was met by last spring’s hatch of young turkeys coming out of the riparian of Dry Creek to have their breakfast of bugs on the pasture. Though I never saw a tom, I watched a couple of hens that seemed to be nesting last spring. This is the first successful hatch on this portion of Dry Creek to my knowledge. The thick riparian jungle should offer ample cover in the years to come.

2 responses to “Breakfast on the Pasture

  1. I have to ask…did your mind wander to the Thanksgiving table?
    I love the sound of gobblers at dawn as they come down from the trees to start serenading the hens.


    • One of these days, perhaps when the Wild Turkeys get reestablished in this watershed, we might eat one, but not in the near future. Twenty years ago a neighboring rancher raised and reintroduced turkeys several miles from here. For now, just seeing them survive and thrive around here is enough.


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