Doe and Fawn

I ran up into Paregien’s yesterday to put mineral and salt out to the cows, plus look for the hay hook I lost somewhere the day before. Found these two instead along the road.

The coyotes are with the cows almost everywhere I went, waiting to catch a newborn calf alone. The cows told me where two of the three less were.

2 responses to “Doe and Fawn

  1. Laurie Schwaller

    Wonderful shots, John. What lovely company you keep over there on Dry Creek. A flock of almost 30 wild turkeys has been tearing up our place for months, but we haven’t seen our doe and twin fawns for several weeks. Had a big gorgeous fox in the driveway two days ago, and a skunk on the road. LOTS of seedy poop around as the wild persimmons fall from the trees. October is such a special month for us here.


  2. Finally cooled down, all the animals are out for the harvest. ‘Seedy poop’, a good title for a poem, reminds me of Gary Snyder’s ode to the bear: ‘chew your food’.


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